REV Fidget Spinner


The greatest toy to hit the market in years and it's small enough to fit in your pocket. Fun for everyone of all ages, the REV Fidget Spinner is back for a limited time and better than ever! 


  • Fun for anyone who likes to stay focused while keeping busy
  • High speed ball bearing weights ensure smooth rotation and increase spin time
  • Hold spinner toy in one hand and spin rapidly with your other hand using continuous strikes
  • Advance your skills and practice by playing with one hand


  • Programmers - Waiting for mechanical to finish the robot? Spin away!
  • Mechanical - Are the programmers taking too long for auto mode to work? Spin away!
  • Electrical - Everything you do is perfect, so you have plenty of time to SPIN!
  • Toys are fun to play with!


Did you miss out on getting one of these at the 2017 FIRST championship?   These are an improved version!