#25 Chain Turnbuckle


The #25 Chain Turnbuckle is compatible with both the REV ION System and REV DUO System. It is designed to adjust the length of a #25 Chain by replacing a few links in a run and also allows the user to tension the chain by adjusting the turnbuckle. The turnbuckle is typically attached with a master link on either side. They are typically used for linear motion applications (like elevators) or rotating applications that don’t need a full rotation (like arms or virtual 4-bars).

One side of the turnbuckle has right hand threads and the other side has left hand threads so that when the body is rotated relative to the chain, the two ends move in and out and change the overall length. The #25 Chain Turnbuckle also features a jam nut which can be tightened to lock the turnbuckle in place and keep it from loosening from vibration.


  • Compatible with #25 chain
  • Jam nut to lock position


  • Displacement: 19.1mm (0.75in)
  • Retracted C-C Distance: 41.3mm (1.63in)
  • Extended C-C Distance: 60.3mm (2.38in)
  • Material:
    • Body: Aluminum 6061
    • Studs: Steel
  • Weight: 14g (0.03lb)


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