MAXPlanetary 550 Input Kit


The MAXPlanetary 550 Input Kit gives users the ability to use 550 size motors with the MAXPlanetary System. 


  • Does not require permanent modifications to the motor
  • Press-fit shaft adapter avoids set screws that can come loose
  • Compatible with NEO 550 Brushless Motor


  • Weight: 13.6g (0.03lb)
  • For Shaft Diameter:  0.125in (3.18mm)
  • Diameter: 0.315in (8mm)
  • Keyway Width:  0.079in (2mm)
  • Screw Size: M3 x 10mm Socket Head Cap Screw

Kit Contents

  REV-21-2116  MAXPlanetary Universal Motor Input Spacer   QTY 1 
  REV-21-2117  NEO 550 MAXPlanetary Shaft Adapter   QTY 1 
 M3 x 10mm Socket Head Cap Screw   QTY 2   

CAD & Drawings


  • 01/2022: NEO 550 Brushless Motors, with date code 202109, may have an undersized shaft which causes press-fit components to be a slip fit on the shaft. We're recommending the components be retained with Loctite 635, 638 ("green loctite") or an equivalent "retaining compound". If neither of these are available, Loctite 680 is also an acceptable alternative.