Alternate Encoder Adapter - 2 Pack


Connect the REV Through Bore Encoder directly to the SPARK MAX Data Port when it is configured in Alternate Encoder Mode using this adapter.

This adapter is not intended for use with the default Data Port configuration or with other devices with Data Ports (e.g. Talon SRX).

The SPARK MAX Alternate Encoder Mode enables the use of an alternative encoder source different from the default. This is especially useful when running one of the NEO Brushless Motors, as the default encoder port is occupied by the built-in NEO hall sensors. Please see the Alternate Encoder Mode section in the SPARK MAX User's Manual for more information.


  • JST PH 6-pin connector
    • Pinout compatible with REV Through Bore Encoder
  • Index Signal/Absolute PWM Pulse selection switch
    • Selects which signal is connected to pin 4 of the Data Port
  • Solder pads
    • Analog Input
    • 3.3V and 5.0V Power
    • Ground


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