Tech + Tool Tip Tuesdays: Building with Brackets

Tech + Tool Tip Tuesdays: Building with Brackets

Oct 24th 2023

ION 1in Brackets are hole-aligned to maintain the pitch grid between your MAXTubes. When building a robot with hole-aligned brackets, you will likely notice an open space between the structure ends, where they do not touch at the corner. This is expected and will not affect the strength of your joint.

Structure brackets are designed to secure pieces of structure together at varying angles. Different hole patterns can accommodate different extrusion types and patterns. Within the REV ION Build System, structure brackets are any bracket that does not have a MAXSpline Bore.

Motion brackets help create strong attachment points for your robot's motion components. The major distinguishing feature of the REV ION Build System’s MAXSpline Brackets are a MAXSpline Bore, or a full MAX Pattern to support bearings and MAXHubs. The MAXSpline shape is the core to transmitting motion.