#TeamREV Spotlight - FRC #4481 Team Rembrandts

#TeamREV Spotlight - FRC #4481 Team Rembrandts

Jan 26th 2024

"When things get complicated, bring in the Dutch." Our next #TeamREV spotlight is FRC Team #4481: Team Rembrandts, from Eindhoven, Netherlands!

Tell us a little bit about your team’s background.

Team Rembrandts is a community based team. We were founded in 2013 and were the first FRC team to be founded in the Netherlands. We want to show the world that when things get complicated, you should bring in the Dutch. That is why our team is named after the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn, our team color is orange (the national color of the Netherlands), and our mascot, the national animal of the Netherlands, is a lion!

What are a few achievements your team is proud of so far this season?

  • Uniquely Filled in SME Style Team Structure: Team Rembrandts is uniquely structured like a small to medium enterprise, being made up of 5 distinct departments, all with their own set of sub-departments. Each department has a department manager, and each sub-department has a sub-department lead. This season is the first season that we have been able to uniquely fill each position, leading to an immensely increased output and a more structured team.
  • FTC Skills Academy: Team Rembrandts is very involved with the organization of FTC in the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) and plays key roles within the board of FTC Benelux in addition to filling most key volunteer roles during competitions. Our goal is to grow FTC in the Benelux and to make FTC teams more sustainable. We do this through low volume – high impact initiatives such as our very own TR Skills Academy. This is a 4 week course where 4 FTC teams were able to visit our shop for masterclasses on almost every subject within FTC, as well as 1-on-1 deep dives into their team structure, way of working and future plans!
  • Open Alliance Build Thread: Team Rembrandts believes that together, we can make the most out of the competition. For that reason, we share everything that we do on our Open Alliance Build Thread on Chief Delphi. Normally we are most active on our build thread during build season. This year, we wanted to give the FIRST community a unique insight into all our preparations for build season as well. We have been regularly uploading OA posts on all different parts of the team and hope to inspire other teams with our initiatives.

What has your team been working on recently?

Together with FTC Benelux, Team Rembrandts is organizing a FRC Scrimmage during the FTC Benelux Finals on the 24th of February. This is just the first step in our eventual goal of having our very own European event in the future!

What is your favorite part about being in #TeamREV?

Last season, our team had a lot of fun completing the challenges within the #TeamREV program. This year, we are again looking forward to completing as many challenges as possible. We are especially looking forward to what REV has in store at FIRST Championship this year!

Check out this video and visit these platforms to learn more about Team Rembrandts: