Statement Regarding Recent Price Increases

Statement Regarding Recent Price Increases

Published by Greg Needel on Sep 19th 2022

Here at REV, we have two main goals when manufacturing products for our customers:

1. Be transparent and upfront when our production process runs into obstacles

2. Ensure product quality and accessibility for the educational robotics community

By now, you've probably seen something you were or are trying to purchase is or was out of stock across almost every industry. As the global supply chain crisis evolves alongside the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we've come across additional roadblocks such as scarcity and inflated pricing of the parts that are used in our products, and significant delays in shipping/receiving completed products once they are produced.

As a company, we've evaluated multiple solutions to tackling these challenges. We determined raising the prices of our products was the best way to continue ensuring product quality and the timeliest possible delivery of our products to our customers. 

We are hopeful that this solution will result in the majority of our product line coming into stock in time for this season, but quantities overall may be limited. It is a good idea to take the strategy of purchasing needed parts when they are available rather than waiting for all items to be in stock at once. 

We are just as frustrated as the members of the robotics community are as we work through these ongoing delays and price increases. REV will always do whatever we can to help teams, so please don't hesitate to reach out to with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.