Running a Company During a Pandemic

Running a Company During a Pandemic

Published by Greg Needel on Sep 10th 2021


It has been a tough year for many reasons, but like many other industries, unfortunately, REV Robotics' supply chain has been negatively impacted by some of the downstream effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, we are experiencing shortages of many of the electronic components that go into our products and are also experiencing significant delays in shipping/receiving our completed products.

For this reason, we have not announced a pre-sale date for the new FRC Control System. We have the majority of the components that make up these products already on hand for a full production batch to cover the 2022 FRC season, but until we have all the components, it does not seem right to take orders from teams, as delivery dates are out of our control.

If you have been on the REV Robotics website recently, you will notice we are out of stock on SPARK MAX, Control Hub, Expansion Hub, and several other electrical items. Everything is moving in the right direction now, in regards to component deliveries, it is just taking longer than expected. While we are constantly working hard to keep products in stock on our website, there are products that we currently do not have estimated arrival dates for. We are happy to provide suggestions for alternative parts or kits, if available, but cannot provide quotes or accept pre-orders for products until we have firm ETAs.

The good news is, despite a few hiccups along the way, we are in good shape to have products for both the FTC and FRC seasons, but there may be stock interruptions during the year. On top of this availability issue, we are also experiencing increases in component costs, raw material costs, shipping costs, and shipping times. We have already had to increase prices on some items due to rising costs across the board.

When it comes to purchasing from REV, or any other vendors this year, prepare for shortages. Our recommendation is to purchase needed parts when they are available rather than waiting for all items to be in stock at once, as we cannot guarantee any future availability of specific products.

We understand that this is a significant inconvenience as the new school year and robotics season is kicking off. We are working with our suppliers and vendors every day to ensure timely re-stocking and will update stock dates on our website as we have them. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and please don't hesitate to ask if you have additional questions.