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MiniBot Hardware Kit


The MiniBot Hardware Kit is a fast robot build ideal for basic programming training. Add the Control System components (Control Hub, battery, and driver station phone) and let your programming skills grow. 

Kit Contents


QTY 2 - Core Hex Motor w/cables (REV-41-1300)


QTY 4 - Traction Wheel, 90mm (REV-41-1354)


QTY 2 - Extrusion, 225mm, 90-90 Degree (REV-41-1431)
QTY 2 - Battery Holder Plate (REV-41-1166)


QTY 4 - Gear, 72T (REV-41-1336)
QTY 4 - Gear, 90T (2 packs of REV-41-1337)


QTY 8 - Bracket, Motion (REV-41-1303)
QTY 8 - Bracket, Bearing Pillow Block (REV-41-1317)
QTY 12 - Bearing, Through Bore Short (REV-41-1326)
QTY 12 - Bearing, Through Bore Long (REV-41-1329)
QTY 8 - Shaft, 5mm Hex, 75mm (2 packs of REV-41-1347)
QTY 16 - Spacer, 3mm (REV-41-1324)
QTY 28 - Spacer, 1.5mm (1 pack of REV-41-1325)
QTY 20 - Shaft Collars (2 packs of REV-41-1327)


QTY 1 - Nut Driver, 5.5mm (REV-41-1119)
QTY 1 - Allen Wrench, 1.5mm (REV-41-1376)

Fasteners and Hardware:

QTY 100 - Screw, Hex Cap, M3, 8mm (REV-41-1359)
QTY 4 - Screw, Hex Cap, M3, 16mm (Sub-pack of REV-41-1360)
QTY 100 - Nut, Locking, M3 (REV-41-1361)