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HD Hex Motor Version 2

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    This is an update to our popular FTC legal* motor.  For better compatibility with the new REV Expansion hub upgrades were made to the encoder and power electronics for the 2017/2018 season, including gearbox and an encoder mounted to the back side of the motor. 5mm hex output shaft makes it easy to connect gears, sprockets, wheels, etc. Encoder cable included with motor. Motor specifications are similar in size and power to other FTC motors with a more convenient output shaft.  


    • Weight: 350g
    • Length (excluding wires & output shaft): 97.5mm
    • Output Shaft: 5mm hex
    • Output Shaft Length: 40mm
    • Mounting Holes: 10 - M3 tapped - use a 5mm length or shorter bolt
    • Body Diameter: 37mm
    • Voltage: 12V DC
    • No-Load Current: 400mA
    • Stall Current: 8.5A
    • Max Output Power: 15W

    40:1 Gearbox Option

    • Free Speed: 150 rpm (15.7 rad/s)
    • Stall Torque: 594.7 oz-in (4.2 Nm)

    20:1 Gearbox Option

    • Free Speed: 300 rpm (31.4 rad/s)
    • Stall Torque: 297.4 oz-in (2.1 Nm)

    Version 2 Updates

    • Encoder changed from 5v to 3.3 volts
    • Encoder counts changed from 14ppr to 7ppr
    • Encoder wire - JST ph (same as expansion hub)
    • Power Cable - JST VH (same as Expansion hub)
    • Output shaft length changed from 25mm to 40mm
    • Added REV Motion Bracket mounting holes


    *FTC LEGAL via Game Manual Part 1: RE09

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    1. V2. Seems to be a great motor, they just came in. Some small changes to be aware of here.

      1. The motor shaft is well over the specified 25mm length. It is about 19mm" longer than the previous generation. Maybe just the motors we got, but the length is a welcome addition in most circumstances.
      2. There seems to be a newer bolt pattern, we could normally get all 6 screws into the standard motor mount, but this time we were only able to use 4, not a big deal.
      3. The gearboxes seem significantly quieter than the previous generation. Haven't opened it up to see if its different.
      4. Love the plugs on the back rather than just a hunk of cable sticking out of our previous motors. Makes it easier to swap out and you don't have excessive cable lengths and unneeded connection points.
      on Nov 4th 2017

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