USB Retention Mount and Cable

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Reduce the number of USB disconnects between the Expansion Hub and your Robot Controller Phone with our USB Retention Mount. When used with the included right-angle USB cable, this mount provides a strong, reliable connection between the cable and the hub. The mount consists of a base that remains attached to the hub, and a cap that screws into that base allowing for removal of the USB connector on your own terms. Fast and easy installation instructions are included with the kit.

Kit Contents

QTY 1 - Custom Right-Angle Male Mini USB to Male USB-A cable, 457mm
QTY 1 - Retention Mount Base Plate (attaches directly to Expansion Hub)
QTY 1 - Retention Cable Cap (covers Mini USB end of cable)
QTY 2 - VHB adhesive pad (used to attach Retention Mount to Expansion Hub)
QTY 2 - M3 x 12mm Hex Cap Screws
QTY 2 - M3 Nyloc Nuts
QTY 1 - Case Safety Alignment sticker
QTY 1 - Cleaning Wipe
QTY 1 - Installation Instructions