Team Sponsorship

Team Sponsorships


For the 2022-2023 FIRST® ENERGIZEā„  season, REV Robotics is awarding $100,000 in total sponsorships for FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition teams! 

With over 1200+ team sponsorship applications submitted, the selection process was extremely difficult, but we’re excited to announce the REVolutionary teams that will become part of the newest class of Team REV! 

We would like to thank every team that submitted an application as we greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into every question. Nothing inspires us more than you, and the vision FIRST has instilled in us all. If you were not selected, do not get discouraged. We invite ALL teams, big or small, rookie or veteran, local or international, to apply next season as we are here to support YOU. So stay tuned, as we will continue to open our sponsorship applications and support more teams at the beginning of every school year. We would like to wish every team the best of luck this season. Continue to be leaders and innovators, continue to be inspired and curious, continue to be more than robots.


2022-2023 TEAM REV Sponsorship Awardees: 

FRC Team 25 Raider Robotix
FRC Team 27 Team RUSH
FRC Team 95 The Grasshoppers
FRC Teams 111 & 112      WildStang Robotics Program
FRC Team 180 S.P.A.M.
FRC Team 340 Greater Rochester Robotics
FRC Team 360 The Revolution
FTC Team 365 MOE - The Miracle Workerz
FRC Team 503 Frog Force
FRC Team 587 Hedgehogs
FRC Team 1339 AngelBotics
FRC Team 1690 Orbit
FRC Team 1745 The P-51 Mustangs
FRC Team 1902 4-H Exploding Bacon
FRC Team 2220 Blue Twilight
FRC Team 2363 Triple Helix Robotics
FRC Team 2486 CocoNuts
FRC Team 2826 Wave Robotics
FRC Team 3005 RoboChargers
FRC Team 3284 LASER
FRC Team 3476 Code Orange Robotics
FRC Team 3504 Girls of Steel
FRC Team 3847 Spectrum
FTC Teams 4006 & 4011      Curious City, Aeonian Ladies Force, & Avasara
FTC Team 4106 Supposable Thumbs
FRC Team 4327 Q Branch Robotics
FRC Team 4481 Team Rembrandts
FRC Team 4635 PrepaTec - Botbusters
FTC Team 5026 Tesla Coils
FRC Team 5406 Celt-X
FRC Team 5584 ICRobotics
FTC Team 6708 Sour Patch Kids
FTC Teams 7959 & 4102      CHS Cougar Cubs & CHS Cougars
FRC Team 9008 G-Force Robotics
FTC Team 9567 Cybernetic Elks
FTC Team 11717 Circuit Breakers
FTC Team 12459 Gibraltar Jedi
FTC Team 12593 Yantrik
FTC Team 13532 Eaglebots
FTC Team 14010 TechnoPhoenix
FTC Team 14353 The N.E.R.D. Bots
FTC Team 14391 Under CTRL
FTC Team 15167 Robo Troopers
FTC Team 16008 Armored Artemises
FTC Team 16011 Fayette 4H Robotics
FTC Team 16091 T.W.C.A. (Team Without a Cool Acronym)
FTC Team 16158 VC Silver Circuits
FTC Team 16700 JAYBOTS
FTC Team 17218 Brookline Bots
FTC Team 17632 Aztroid
FTC Team 17969 MECH
FTC Team 18241 Outer Galaxy
FTC Team 18650 The Cookie Clickers
FTC Team 18738 Moon Mechanics
FTC Team 19347 Lybotics Challenge Team
FTC Team 19367 Greendale Robotics: ALIEN
FTC Team 19388 Metal Mavericks
FTC Team 19417 Superstellar
FTC Team 20420 Teraknights
FTC Team 20782 Jedi Tech


Sponsorship applications have closed for the 2022-2023 season. Please email with any questions you may have regarding our Sponsorship Program.