1" Extrusion Lift Kit


2-stage-lift.gifUpdated for 2019! The REV 1" Extrusion Lift Kit includes the parts necessary for teams to build robust and compact Linear Motion Lifts. The kit uses the proven camming V-Bearing system to ensure there is smooth and bind-free motion at all times. Teams can use a motor and gearbox solution that meets their particular needs.
As designed, the Kit is capable of reliable powered up and down motion.

The Lift Kit has a maximum extension of 84" with an overall delta of 36".
For more extension, you can add an additional lift kits or additional components from the lift kit category.  The animation to the right shows a 2-stage lift built with two Lift Kits.

The Lift Kit Guide will be updated soon with correct kit contents. When building a multi-stage lift, you will have extra parts left after assembly.

Kit Contents

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