Introducing the Next Generation of SPARK & NEO


Unleash Versatility in Every Rotation

NEO Vortex, a high-power, high-performance, and high-resolution sensored brushless motor from REV Robotics. It features a dockable controller interface that can be mounted directly to the SPARK Flex (described below) or a standalone adapter allowing control from any brushless motor controller like the SPARK MAX. Its through-bore rotor is the heart of its unique interchangeable shaft system, facilitating easy integration with various robot mechanisms.

Feature Highlights:
  • High resolution encoder
  • Integrated motor parameter and calibration memory
  • Through-hex bore with taper for numerous quick-change shafts
  • No motor wires - reliable and robust docking connections for motor phases and sensor
  • Dual sensor, direct contact winding temperature sensing
  • 560KV (RPM per volt)
  • 640 Watts (375 @ 40A)

SPARK Flex, a new smart motor controller from REV Robotics. Its dockable form factor allows for the direct mounting onto a NEO Vortex, simplifying wiring while maintaining flexibility. Improving upon the foundation of the SPARK MAX, new features include 3-phase current sensing, reverse polarity protection, and an expanded Data Port with additional interfaces. When docked to an adapter, the SPARK Flex can control any existing NEO or compatible brushless/brushed DC motor.

Feature Highlights:
  • Docking interface for motor phases and sensors 
  • USB type C configuration and control
  • PWM and CAN communication
  • Fully integrated power and control wires
  • Enhanced data port with more power, latching connector, and additional serial interfaces
  • Advanced motor control modes
    • Velocity
    • Position
    • Current
    • New modes with future firmware updates
  • 3 phase current shunt measurement
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Software
    • Configure and update through REV Hardware Client
    • Updates and new features are free forever, without subscriptions or licenses

NEO Vortex and SPARK Flex Docking


Additional System Features

  • #10-32 threaded holes on a 2in bolt circle
  • Motor and motor controller's silhouette fits behind a standard 2in rectangular tube
  • 1/2in hex through-bore rotor compatible with any length hex shaft or application-specific Vortex Shafts:
    • 8mm keyed
    • Avian spline
    • MAXSwerve with integrated key
    • 7-tooth 20DP gear
    • MAXPlanetary input
    • Others to be announced
  • CAD

NEO Vortex and SPARK Flex - Shaft Optionsrev-11-1100-sparkflex-neovortex-shafts-top-final.png 

NEO Vortex and SPARK Flex - Side View


NEO Vortex Specification Information

Below is our testing data for the NEO Vortex, Falcon 500 v2, and NEO V1.1. Measured with our internal dynamometer, this data may differ from other vendor published specifications due to differences in testing methodologies. We believe that an accurate comparison of different motors should be made from data taken in the same manner across all tested devices. We will continue to test and retest motors, as the performance of brushless motors can be significantly impacted by motor controller firmware updates. Additionally, we intend to continue our testing of all legal FRC motors and post those results to the webpage which will be coming soon. Documentation of our testing methods will be published as soon as possible so that they can replicated within the community to encourage outside validation of vendor specifications.

FRC Brushless Motor Comparison Chart






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