#TeamREV Spotlight: FTC #4008 Bronc Botz Atlas

#TeamREV Spotlight: FTC #4008 Bronc Botz Atlas

Jan 31st 2024

Meet FTC Team #4008: Bronc Botz Atlas, from San Antonio, Texas! The Bronc Botz program, participating in both FTC and FRC, is our #TeamREV spotlight of the week.

Tell us a little bit about your team’s background.

The inspiration to create Bronc Botz came to fruition after the founder of FIRST, Dean Kamen, came to San Antonio and spoke to the community about the importance of the spirit of creativity, innovation, and inclusion in STEM. This message spread to Louis D. Brandeis High School, leading to the creation of FRC Team #3481 Bronc Botz. This small team started strong, advancing to the FRC World Championship Archimedes Division in their first competing season. Since then, our team has grown to encompass four competitive teams: FRC #3481, FTC #4008, FTC #4602, and FTC #6976. 

Our team, consisting of people from a variety of backgrounds, hold inclusiveness to be one of our top priorities. Our teams have included both high-schoolers and middle-schoolers, as another thing we value is getting anyone, no matter their age, into FIRST and STEM. A variety of STEM expos, workshops, and robot demonstrations are held in our community by Bronc Botz in the hopes of inspiring new generations of passionate lovers of STEM just like those who founded us. Our continued dedication to spreading a passion for STEM and our own love of it drives us every year to compete to the best of our ability, and to take anyone we can with us on that journey. After 13 years of competition and with the support of our sponsors such as Rockwell Automation, DOW, DoDSTEM, San Antonio Powder Coating, Franks Manufacturing, and many more, our team is on its way to participating in its 14th year of competition!

What has your team been working on recently?

  • Bronc Botz is knee deep in several projects, including a new battery cart, new robot cart, and additional shop organization and storage. We've been working on new outreach programs, staying active in our community, and educating students in San Antonio. 
  • Keep up with us on our Open Alliance thread

What is your team enjoying within the #TeamREV Sponsorship Program?

Within the #TeamREV program, our teams are interacting online with other teams we never would've if we hadn't participated in this program. The fun and constructive conversations and the new relationships we're building with other teams thanks to the #TeamREV program is what we are enjoying the most! The inspiration and insight from the fellow teams participating in the #TeamREV program have been invaluable in helping our team. We also love the chance to spread our own knowledge and insights with teams we never would've connected with outside of the #TeamREV program!

Way to represent South Texas, Bronc Botz! Follow the Bronc Botz program on these platforms: