#TeamREV Spotlight: FRC #503 Frog Force

#TeamREV Spotlight: FRC #503 Frog Force

Published by T-REV on May 2nd 2023

It may be the offseason, but we still have plenty of #TeamREV stories to share! Meet FRC Team #503 - Frog Force, from Novi, Michigan.

Tell us a little bit about your team’s background.

Frog Force was founded in 2001, with about 20 students. Today we are nearly 100 students strong. Being such a large team, we need a lot of jobs to keep everybody busy, so we have our team broken into about a dozen groups (drivetrain, electrical, outreach, etc.), each with a student leader and assistant lead. We also have a steering committee made up of 6 adults and 6 students who actively run the team.

Each year, we name our robot with a punny name after one of our mentors. Our 2023 robot is named "Krichene Machine"!

What are a few achievements your team was proud of this season?

  • Being part of #TeamREV, of course!
  • Winning our division at the Michigan State Championship.
  • Continuing to iterate and work on our robot all year. We kept striving for constant improvement and we were (mostly) better each week than the last.
  • Our unique elevator design using a continuous 28' belt and almost 15' of 1"x1" MAXTube!

What goals are your team working towards during the offseason or for next season?

  • Continuing (and improving) student training. We feel like we're just hitting our stride again after the disruptions caused by Covid.
  • Continuing to grow and support the Michigan Unified Robotics program that gives opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities.
  • We'll create another off-season robot to give a better hands-on training opportunity for all newer students. This was something we added this year and it was much better than our previous training program.
  • Compete in at least one off-season event each month during the off-season (and continue to represent #TeamREV at those events).

What was your favorite part about being in #TeamREV during the 2022-2023 season?

Our favorite part was meeting and interacting with the other #TeamREV teams. Being part of the #TeamREV community makes us proud to be part of this group of teams.

We’re so glad to have had you on #TeamREV this season, Frog Force! Visit the team’s platforms: