#TeamREV Spotlight - FRC #4635 Botbusters

#TeamREV Spotlight - FRC #4635 Botbusters

Mar 4th 2024

They ain't afraid of no 'bots! This week's #TeamREV Spotlight is FRC Team #4635 - Botbusters, from Monterrey, Mexico.

Tell us a little bit about your team’s background.

Botbusters was founded in 2013, with 12 team members from the 5 Prepa Tec High schools in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. We had no machinery or tools, no previous knowledge about robotics, and there were no FIRST Robotics teams in our city. After 10 seasons of hard work, we have: 

  • Earned 25 awards and won 13 regionals (6 in a row!) with our robot Slimer. 
  • Gained sponsorships from brands such as Milwaukee, Qualcomm and #TeamREV. 
  • Competed at the FIRST Global Competition in Singapore and won the Innovation in Engineering Award. 
  • In Mexico, we won the INJUVE Award in Sustainability in 2023, an award presented and received from our Governor.

What are a few recent achievements your team is proud of?

  • During the 2023 season, we were able to unite our team departments. Our departments learned to communicate more effectively and gained a better understanding between subteams. 
  • Becoming part of the #TeamREV Sponsorship Program is a big achievement for us, and we are really grateful for the opportunity to participate in the program. 
  • Winning the 2023 Bayou Regional had sentimental value for the team. This regional in particular was the most exciting for us, and we are very proud our driver for winning the Dean's List Finalist Award.
  • In October 2023, we participated in the FIRST Global Competition in Singapore. This was an exciting opportunity for us, since we had never attended a competition on the other hemisphere of the planet. At this competition, we won the Ustan Ahmad Lahori Award (an Innovation in Engineering Award).

What is your favorite part about being in #TeamREV?

Our team is really enjoying the #TeamREV social media challenges. We are having fun participating in these activities where our creativity flows.

Thanks for being a fantastic member of #TeamREV, Botbusters! You can follow Botbusters on these platforms: