Magnetic Limit Switch


The Magnetic Limit Switch is a three-sided active-low digital hall effect switch with three internal hall effect elements located on the top and sides of the sensor. The three elements are connected in parallel so that any one of them will trigger the sensor.

Hall effect sensors detect the presence of magnetic fields. The Magnetic Limit Switch is an omnipolar momentary switch meaning it will trigger when there is sufficient field strength of either magnetic pole (north or south) detected. 


  • Sensor Type: Digital, Active-low
  • Voltage Range: 3.3V - 5.0V
  • Signal Pinout: n & n+1
  • Magnetic Polarity: Omnipolar (both north & south)
  • Typical Trigger Distances*
    • Top: 10mm
    • Side: 5mm
  • Typical Hysteresis*: 5mm
  • Typical Included Magnet Strength: 4300G (0.43T)

*Using the included magnet

Kit Contents

 REV-31-1462   Magnetic Limit Switch   QTY 1 
    Magnet with Mounting Tabs   QTY 2 
 REV-31-1407   JST PH 4-pin Sensor Cable - 30cm   QTY 1 


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