Vortex Shaft - 20DP Gear - 7T - Pre-Order


Pre-Order Information: The NEO Vortex Brushless Motor & SPARK Flex Motor Controller will be available for purchase as a Pre-Order Bundle, with the option to add your choice of Vortex Shafts, while supplies last. Offer is subject to specific terms and conditions. If terms and conditions are not met, your order may be subject to cancellation. Due to the nature of the offer, no items other than pre-order products are allowed in cart during purchase. Please refer to our blog for terms, conditions, and shipping updates.

The Vortex Shaft - 20DP Gear - 7T is compatible with the REV ION System and offers users the unique ability to achieve substantial gear reductions directly from the motor. This gear features a 7T 20DP design that is typically too small for an 8mm keyed input. However, it becomes possible when integrated into the motor shaft.

The Vortex Shaft - 20DP Gear - 7T is addendum shifted to an 8T pitch diameter. This allows you to calculate center-to-center distances as if it were an 8T gear rather than a 7T. This feature streamlines your gear reduction calculations and ensures precision in your designs.

Featuring a 1/2in hex section that drives the shaft and a built-in taper for effortless self-centering, much like a milling machine. When you secure the shaft using a #10-32 Shaft End Screw, the taper keeps your shaft perfectly centered as it's drawn in and locked into place within the NEO Vortex.


  • Shaft Weight: 71g (0.16lb)
  • Material:  Alloy Steel
  • Finish: Black Oxide
  • Exposed Shaft Length: 38.1mm (1.50in)
  • DP: 20
  • Teeth: 7
  • Pitch Diameter: 0.40in (8T)
  • Draw Screw Threads: #10-32
  • Shaft End Threads: #10-32

Kit Contents

 REV-21-6800   Vortex Shaft - 20DP Gear - 7T   QTY 1 
 REV-21-2805   #10-32 Shaft End Screw V2   QTY 1 


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