Everybot 2022

The Robonauts Everybot, costing less than $1000, is an affordable, competitive, and elegant robot that can be built with only basic tools and items found in either the kit of parts, purchased from your local hardware store, or an online retailer such as AndyMark, VEXpro, REV Robotics, The Thrifty Bot, or McMaster-Carr. 

Many of the items in the Everybot Bill of materials are directly sourced from REV Robotics, or REV has alternatives that teams could use as drop in replacements. 

Note: REV Robotics was not involved with the design of this robot, We have made this category on our website to put all of the REV Everybot parts on a single page to assist teams that are looking to build this robot design. 

Please refer to the Everybot Chiefdelphi thread or the Everybot Discord for more information or questions about this specific robot design.