Latest Updates on the FRC Control System

Latest Updates on the FRC Control System

Published by Greg Needel on Dec 3rd 2021

As the build season approaches, we wanted to give an update on the new FRC Control System. The good news is we have production units in hand and they look amazing! We have completed our quality assurance testing and we are so excited to get these into the hands of teams.

Our original production plan estimated pre-order bundles to be shipped in November 2021. Unfortunately, shipping delays and other unforeseen events during production have postponed our anticipated shipment plans. For a product such as the Control System, our normal operating method would involve REV engineers traveling to China to work directly with our contract manufacturers, ensuring timely production. Due to travel restrictions that are still in effect, we have relied on shipping materials back and forth around the world. We knew this challenge needed to be factored into our project timeframe, however, the speed of air freight has slowed significantly more than we anticipated as a result of the holiday season coupled with global shipping delays related to COVID-19. These air freight delays have put us a few weeks behind where we intended to be at this point in our product release schedule. As such, our latest delivery plan is to ship bundles to pre-order customers in mid to late December. New orders for individual Control System items are scheduled to open in early January.

With the FRC Kickoff in January, we know that teams do not have as much pre-season testing time as we had originally planned to provide. If this new shipping time-frame is no longer convenient for your team's needs, please reach out to [email protected] and we will be happy to issue you a refund.

We are as disappointed as you are with these delays, but we feel that the FRC Control System products turned out really awesome and we cannot wait for you to get a chance to use them in 2022 and in many future seasons to come. 

Here is a quick photo of one of the production Power Distribution Hubs!