FRC Control System Pre-order Bundle Updates

FRC Control System Pre-order Bundle Updates

Published by Greg Needel on Nov 19th 2021

We wanted to provide an update on our FRC Control System Pre-order bundles and answer some frequently asked questions we've been receiving during the pre-order period. You can read our first FRC Control System blog for more information on the bundle.

  • Are bundles still available for pre-order?
    • Due to pre-sale quantities matching our forecast expectation, we've ended the pre-order period.
  • Will pre-order bundles still be shipping in November?
    • We are doing quality assurance testing on production samples right now. Our expectation is that bundles will ship in the first half of December to everyone who pre-ordered. This is a bit behind our original goal of the end of November, but shipping has been even slower than before (taking holiday freight into account).
  • When will open orders for the pre-order bundle be available?
    • Open orders for individual pieces will begin after all of the pre-sales have been fulfilled. We anticipate open orders beginning in mid to late December, before FRC Kickoff.
    • You will still be able to use POs when placing an open order.
  • Will you have enough stock for orders to be placed after Kickoff?
    • Based on pre-sale quantities matching our forecast expectation, we anticipate having enough stock to meet the demand for the season.