FRC Control System Pre-order Bundle Now Available for Purchase!

FRC Control System Pre-order Bundle Now Available for Purchase!

Published by Greg Needel on Sep 30th 2021

Today we are happy to announce that we are opening pre-orders for the new REV control system parts. Below is a list of questions that we anticipate getting from the community.

If you have any questions that are not answered below please feel free to email and we will be happy to answer. Questions and answers that are relevant to other teams may be added periodically.

  • When will pre-ordered items ship?
    • We anticipate that all pre-orders will be shipped during the month of November.
  • Why can’t we buy individual items?
    • A bundle of products allows our warehouse to more quickly fulfill orders when products arrive.
    • Additionally, based on feedback from teams, we anticipate most teams wanting a complete set of new control system parts at a minimum.
  • What if I only want a single item or extras of items?
    • We will open ordering for individual items items after all of the pre-sale items have been shipped, likely in December of 2021
    • We will be making general announcements when ordering for individual items is available, but feel free to enter your email address on the individual product page(s) to be notified immediately when individual sales are available.
  • Why are the amount of items I can buy limited?
    • Due to the component shortages talked about in this blog, we are only doing pre-orders for devices equal to the quantity of electrical components we have at our manufacturer now. Delivery of additional components are happening every day but to be absolutely sure we don’t oversell we put a limit on total pre-sales.
    • We have also put a 2-bundle limit in order to give as many teams as possible the opportunity to order them.
  • Why a pre-sale and not just wait to sell when they are available?
    • Pre-sales accomplish two things for REV. Firstly it gives us demand data for products so we can adjust the manufacturing quantity if needed. This year specifically, the difficulty of getting electrical components makes this data and the extra time extremely important to REV.
    • With costs rising around the world, including everything from raw materials to shipping costs, the overhead cost and cash flow requirements for REV are also rising. The up-front payments from the pre-sales help REV to continue to operate efficiently and fund a portion of the production costs for these devices when the demands on Cash Flow is hardest.
  • What happens if the bundles sell out? Are we out of luck for 2022?
    • The amount of devices available in the pre-order represents less than half of our forecasted inventory for the 2022 season. After the pre-order is fulfilled, we are going to open orders for individual devices. We expect that to happen in December of 2021, and plan for orders placed in that time frame to be available for immediate fulfillment.
    • All of the devices your team has used in previous seasons are still going to be legal for the 2022 season. In the event that we run out of stock, teams will still have products to keep their robots running until we can produce more.
  • Why can’t I use a purchase order?
    • A purchase order grants payment terms to schools, where we don’t send invoices until after the products have shipped. For items that will ship in the future, we want to avoid the complexity that comes with juggling delivery schedule requirements and invoicing time.
    • We will be accepting POs when the devices become available for individual purchase on our website in December.
    • If you have any questions about this please email and we will be happy to talk with you about your specific needs.
  • Where do I get the software for these devices?
    • The firmware on these devices will be updated through the REV Hardware Client. The REV Hardware Client will automatically update, so if you already have it installed for SPARK Max or other REV products, you are in luck! By the time your bundles arrive, you will just need to plug them into your computer to update firmware and access any of the configuration, control, or diagnostic features.
    • For APIs, FRC announced today in their Blog that the beta software for 2022 is going to be an open beta. The APIs for our devices are part of WPI libs, so if you buy a bundle please sign up for the beta program to get access to the software.