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1" Extrusion Single Stage Lift Kit

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    2-stage-lift.gifThe REV 1" Extrusion Single Stage Lift Kit includes the parts necessary for teams to build robust and compact Linear Motion Lifts. The kit uses the proven camming V-Bearing system to ensure there is smooth and bind-free motion at all times. Teams can use a motor and gearbox solution that meets their particular needs.
    As designed, the Kit is capable of reliable powered up and down motion.

    The Single Stage Lift Kit has a maximum extension of 84" with an overall delta of 36".
    For more extension, you can add an additional stage with the REV 1" Extrusion Add-on Stage Lift Kit (REV-25-1239 - sold separately). The animation to the right shows a 2-stage lift built with one Single Stage Lift Kit AND one Add-on Stage Lift Kit (REV-25-1239 - sold separately).

    This kit may take up to 4 - 5 days to pack.
    Your order will ship at the chosen speed after the kit has been packed.
    Please contact us if you have any questions.

    Kit Contents

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    1. Simple, robust, well designed

      When we decided that a lift would be the optimum system for our robot this year, I pushed back a little because of my previous experience with the time involved in designing and the resources required to fabricate a reliable system. When we ordered this kit (and an additional add on stage), I wasn't sure how precise it would be with inexperienced students doing the assembly, but to say I'm thrilled with it would be an understatement. With minimal design time required and no direction required (I gave the students the kit and the instructions and told them to have at it), we have the best lift I've ever used in 20 years of competition. It's high quality and well designed, and we would definitely buy this again> on Feb 25th 2018

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    • How to String the REV Lift Kit
      How to string the Single Stage Lift Kit (REV-25-1238) combined...

    How to String the REV Lift Kit

    How to string the Single Stage Lift Kit (REV-25-1238) combined with the Add-on Stage Lift Kit (REV-25-1238). For a step by step how-to on assembling the Lift Kits see the REV Lift Kit Guide: Find REV's Linear motion products for FRC here:
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    • 2-Stage Lift Example STEP File
      This example consists of the Single Stage Lift Kit combined with one Add-on Stage Lift Kit.
    • 3D Printable Lift Accessories
      Accessories Included:
      • 1/2" Hex x 1" OD Pulley
      • String Runner
      • Magnetic Limit Switch Offset Plate
      • Magnet Offset Plate

      Files types included:
      • Solidworks Part File
      • STEP File
      • STL File